5 Minutes with Wez Thompson

What inspired you to become a musician?

My Dad is a big fan of British invasion, The Beatles and the Stones especially; he is probably my biggest influence. When I started playing guitar I absolutely wanted to be Paul McCartney.

Who is your favourite/inspiring artist and why?

As a guitar player first and foremost, my all-time fav is Steve Vai. 

Initially it was the Just Like Paradise film clip with the triple neck guitar and the floral Jem (guitar players know what I mean LOL).

From there I got into his playing with Zappa, earlier David Lee Roth, he did album and tour with Whitesnake for a cool million bucks and has been consistently releasing Avant Garde instrumental guitar music, and is still current in that. 

Having said that my three boys are named after Steve Vai, Jimi Hendrix and Edward Van Halen.

It’s all about the guitar…

Who is your go-to artist or what is your go-to playlist on spotify?

Interestingly enough on my Spotify wrapped up James Reyne always features heavily.

My tastes are extremely eclectic, which I think is true for a lot of people these days, given how accessible music is.

I will listen to pretty much anything. I have my playlist favourites, but I’m also happy to click on any random suggestion and listen to whatever it has to offer.

First concert that made the biggest impression?

This is like my RocKwiz first concert moment, LOL…

First actual ticketed rock show I ever saw was Jon English at the Dubbo RSL Club

It was the mid 80s and I remember it vividly because he had some hot shot Sydney dude shredding guitar and it was very cool.

First Arena type rock show that had me absolutely convinced music was the way to go was Bon Jovi, New Jersey at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Most amazing gig moment you’ve had?

Way back in the early 90s I played an MRA rally somewhere in Tasmania.

There were literally thousands of guys & gals on bikes, near a river bordering the field we were playing in and mountains as a background, it was incredible.

But I love playing so much; every gig has its moments.

Most embarrassing gig moment you’ve had?

LOL…. I don’t know, being a perfectionist, every time I make a mistake I feel like the world is going to end…

What are you working on at the moment?

I write songs all the time, have been for years, and even though I have owned and worked in a studio for years, I still haven’t recorded any of these songs, that is something I am trying to remedy.

What is the career milestone you have reached so far that got you really excited?

Going from playing guitar to working as lead vocalist/guitar player was a huge step, extremely daunting, but certainly rewarding.

I do have to say taking Kazzie’s advice and moving to Newcastle to work has been my most recent milestone.

What other milestones are you aiming to reach?

Recording and releasing some of the material I have written over the years and potentially performing those songs is definitely something I am looking forward to doing in the future.