5 Minutes with Cascadence

What inspired you to become a musician?

Sam: Gorillaz on Rage when I was about 10, seeing a cartoon character playing a flying V bass kinda decided the rest of my life

Grace: There was no defining moment for me, it was always the only thing I ever saw myself doing.

Who is your favourite/inspiring artist and why?

Sam: Thundercat, he came up through the jazz scene, toured in metal bands and worked the greatest hip-hop albums of our generation. To be able to move through all these circles and have an original sound through all of it is so inspiring

Grace: It’s so hard to choose only one, but there’s a jazz singer named Natasha Agrama. Her vocal style is relaxed but concise and expressive, and those are some qualities I try to bring to my own style. 

Who is your go-to artist or what is your go-to playlist on spotify?

Sam: Lately It’s been a lot of KAYTRANDA, really great feel good house with a lot of organic RnB instrumentation all over the thing. It can brighten up anyone’s day

Grace: For something that hits right in any mood, I’d have to say Norah Jones. Her music is so timeless, easy listening and nostalgic.

First concert that made the biggest impression?

Sam: When I got to see Gorillaz live last time they were in Australia. They’d brought out a bunch or rappers, members of the Clash, a classical string section and an entire Syrian orchestra. With all these musicians you’d think it would have been an abstract mess but for 2 hours I have experienced the most colourful blend of music in my life.

Grace: When I was 8 my parents took my siblings and I to a weeklong Jazz festival in the Queensland outback. It was my first real exposure to Big Band and in such an incredible setting; the experience has definitely stayed with me. 

Most amazing gig moment you’ve had?

Sam: Once I played a festival on the central coast with my old band, we were spoiled with backstage catering/drinks all day. When we did get to play we had the whole festival come over to our stage and we went nuts. At the time we made a point of looping weird noises between indie songs to create a contrast between the sounds. While it was pretty hit and misses at shows they loved it at the festival and by the end of our 30-minute set we’d won them over.

Grace: I think different gigs are amazing for different reasons. There’s nothing like having hundreds of people on their feet boogying, but there’s also nothing quite like being in a cosy venue playing an intimate set of your favourite tunes.

Most embarrassing gig moment you’ve had?

Sam: I went to jump off an amp once and my strap broke right before a really heavy breakdown, I had to sit on the floor and play it instead of moshing.

Grace: Im a pretty dorky person, so… far too many to mention. 

What are you working on at the moment?

Sam: Mostly looking after kids in lockdown but I do write original music under the moniker Veldar as well as present sound instillations from time to time.

Grace: Sam and I are working on really refining our sound together. Bass and voice duets bring a unique set of challenges, and it’s rewarding to work through them to create something so special for people to enjoy. 

What is the career milestone you have reached so far that got you really excited?

Sam: Getting to a point where I’m able to play weddings on a regular basis. Everyone wants to be there and they really appreciate the performance we put on.

Grace: Finishing my Bachelor of Music!

What other milestones are you aiming to reach?

Sam: In Casscadence we’d love to carve out a unique niche for our style of music while bringing it to as many people as possible. Grace and myself would love to have a residency at a venue and explore more of our inspirations throughout that residency.

Grace: Completing my Masters degree and continuing to bring people joy through music.