5 Minutes with Dave Carter

What inspired you to become a musician?
My dad. He taught me how to play guitar and he put me in touch with music.

Who is your favourite/inspiring artist and why?
It’s hard to go past Sir Paul McCartney. So talented and versatile, both in his musicianship and songwriting skills.

Who is your go-to artist or what is your go-to playlist on spotify?
Doobie Brothers, Gerry Rafferty, Foo Fighters, Beatles, Bob Corbett, Beach Boys….Too many to name.

First concert that made the biggest impression?
I remember seeing Benny and the Jets when I was very young. (maybe 9) They were on the back of a truck in a park, there was lots of leather. It wasn’t a massive gig, but I remember thinking, “yeah…this is something.”

Most amazing gig moment you’ve had?
Years ago I was doing a gig at the Grand Hotel with the Funbusters. We did a 90 minute set and played one and a half songs. We talked and joked for the rest of the set. I remember being in pain I was laughing so much.

Most embarrassing gig moment you’ve had?
Every time I played with the Funbusters.

What are you working on at the moment?
I’m currently finishing an album, trying to practice, and learning some new songs.

What is the career milestone you have reached so far that got you really excited?
There are many, (every mile in fact). Possibly recording in Alberts many years ago. Legendary home of Aussie rock.

What other milestones are you aiming to reach?
At the moment (Due to Covid Lockdowns Sept 2021) I’m just looking forward to playing a gig somewhere!