Jess Knaus

5 Minutes with Jess Knaus

Why Music?

It’s an escape! And it connects you with people instantly.

Favourite artist/Why?

Solange – she’s always pushing boundaries and trying to find the best artist within herself.

Favourite local artist/why?

Max Jackson! Gorgeous person, hard working writer and performer, big heart.

First concert you went to?

Human Nature (yes!)

First album you listened to?

In my childhood memory I think it might have been an LRB album (Little River Band).

Most amazing gig moment?

Years ago playing with a band a chick asked to join us on stage and sing – turns out she was an amazing singer (which you never expect haha). She sang Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ and absolutely flawed us all!! Afterwards she tried to leave the stage and everyone went ‘no no no stay here honey’.

Most embarrassing gig moment?

Don’t have one thankfully. Give it time though 😉

4 musicians you would sit down for dinner with dead or alive?

Colin Hay (Men At Work), Jacob Collier, Erykah Badu, Solange (what a weird mix of people!)

One thing you would like to see in Newcastle that isn’t here now?

More places for under 18’s to play their own originals – especially for first timers.