5 Minutes with Kazzie

Why Music? 

A lot of reasons.. Dad played and sang to me from the moment I was born so I was brought up with it to be a part of my life. At points it has been an escape, a release, a comfort and a happy hobby.

Favourite artist/Why? 

The Beatles – As well as an emotional connection to their music, I’m often intrigued by their different sounds and twisting of genres for their era. Their lyrics are basic but presented well enough to be able to resonate with.  

Favourite local artist/why? 

Marissa! She’s an amazing talent and positive person to be around. She’s supportive of her industry and everyone involved in it.

First concert you went to? 

The Weeknd in December 2017.

First album you listened to? 

My parents would have music playing in the house and car every day but the first album I remember hearing was The Beatles 1962-1966 Compilation album as we drove to my Grandparents house in Orange. “Nowhere Man” was the song that stuck out the most.

Most amazing gig moment? 

Opening up for The Rubens in Dubbo.

Most embarrassing gig moment? 

Standing in the middle of the Showground playing before the Monster Trucks in a really nice dress and suddenly it got really windy and my dress blew up.. infront of a thousand or so, people. So that was great. haha

4 musicians you would sit down for dinner with dead or alive? 

John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Lorde, David Le’aupepe.

One thing you would like to see in Newcastle that isn’t here now? 

Live Music (Lol, Covid joke). Local artist monthly showcase/mini festival by genre.