5 Minutes with Oran Vir

Why Music? 

Music is the best way I know to express myself. It gives me a creative way to make sense of my thoughts and feelings, and connect with other people. 

Favourite artist/Why? 

My favourite band has always been Switchfoot from the U.S. I seriously love their energy and style. The topics they tackle in their early albums still resonate with me. 

Favourite local artist/why? 

Komiti. Have you heard his voice??

First concert you went to? 

Linkin Park at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre 2010. Absolutely incredible! Still miss you Chester. R.I.P.

First album you listened to? 

Switchfoot – The Beautiful Letdown. I must have heard this album a thousand times by now…

Most amazing gig moment? 

Playing at Queens Wharf Hotel early this year with a bunch of people dancing and singing along. Everyone just having some fun.

Most embarrassing gig moment? 

I’m usually pretty hard to embarrass—But if you’ve ever played with a loop pedal, you know it can go wrong… and those are the times I wish I was a plumber, not a musician. 

4 musicians you would sit down for dinner with dead or alive? 

Ed Sheered, Chris Martin, Freddy Mercury and Matt Corby. I just want to know how these guys write their songs!

One thing you would like to see in Newcastle that isn’t here now? 

I would love to see a big battle-of-the-bands type event for local artists. Newcastle has a lot to offer and I think the public would really get around it.