EAO’s artist roster comprises the cream of entertainers from Newcastle & The Hunter.

From our very beginnings, we have represented artists we are genuinely proud of.  Their talent, skill and professional attitude form the core of what makes a career musician and we are proud to represent the very best.

Simply, our aim is to be able to look after the business side of entertainment – from booking to contracts, from finances to all the little details that make a successful gig – so that the artist look after the 2 things that matter – their music and their performance.

Artist Representation
Venue Entertainment Booking
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Artist Financial Services
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You’re serious about your music, but what’s the next step? How do you go from part-time muso to full-time artist?

As an artist, we know you’ve got plenty of questions and concerns when it comes to signing up for representation with an agency, and you’ve probably heard all the myths about agent/musician relationships (we know we have!)

Let us break down the myths for you, and provide you with the facts…

Common Myth #1  – “You guys are just a bunch of suits, you don’t understand me or my music!”

The most common myth of all. Here at EAO, we are certainly not a bunch of suits. In fact, if we had to pick an article of clothing we’re most similar to it would be a pair of jeans: Durable, comfortable, efficient, and make your ass look damn fine… Maybe we can’t promise that last one, but the rest is true. We’ve been helping and supporting musicians for over 25 years, making us one of the most long-standing and respected entertainment companies in the Hunter.

Everyone here at EAO is a musician or artist in some way, meaning we understand the value and importance of your own creativity. We’ve lived through it. We know from our own experiences how great it is to have an agent behind you who supports and nurtures your talent. Your success is our success.

Common Myth #2 – “Agents are a rip off!”

We’re sure you’ve heard this one before. However, in reality, it’s quite the contrary. We only charge a 10% commission fee on all the bookings we arrange for you.We also avoid accepting payment on behalf of our artists to maintain transparency. The commission fee goes towards our work to source and secure all of your gig and function bookings, and handle all of the organisation and business details. We also offer additional promotional services and marketing support to all of our artists to help ensure they are taking the right steps to get the best out of their music career.

Our ethos is to give 100% support to our artists, and to develop mutual respect. We believe in an equal working relationship to get the best out of each other.

Common Myth #3 – “Once I sign the dotted line, EAO has total control of my career”

Once you sign on to be represented by EAO, we are working for you and for your best interests. We strive to recognise each of our artists’ needs, and do whatever it takes to achieve our collective goals.

There is no specific length of the term for EAO to represent you. Our relationships with our artists are open and honest. Should one of our acts decide it’s time to move on, or vice versa, the decision will be met with respect and amiability.

In consultation with you, the artist, EAO can advise, suggest and guide you in your career. If you don’t agree, we wont do it. It’s not about control, it’s about working together to achieve the goal. 

If you’re a professional act and looking for freelance work in The Hunter Region, or seeking an Agent to exclusively handle all your bookings in this area? Register your act details below.

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