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Scratch is a jumpin’, up-tempo duo featuring vocals, keyboards and guitar. The duo has a long-standing reputation for making toes tap right throughout the Hunter, as is evident from their numerous pub and club residencies, call-backs to annual fixtures, functions and contracted work with event centres, social clubs and charities. The secret to their ongoing success, apart from the fantastic music, is customer service, experience and lots of fun. Scratch is singer/ keyboard artist James and one of Newcastle’s best guitarists, Steve Cowley. Together they’re unbeatable – the tunes are tight, the music rocks and the audience loves it! James has worked the Newcastle scene for over a decade and there are few places he hasn’t performed. The duo features his frenetic style of keyboard playing coupled with his seasoned vocal style. Guitar man Steve has long been regarded as one of Newcastle’s foremost musicians. His lasting success is due to his obvious talent, his versatility and mastery of all music styles. Steve also plays in trio “The Big Bang” and his highly successful career to date includes session work and on-stage appearances with a range of well known bands, national and local artists. The duo covers all the material that makes audiences tick; rock, pop, soul, funk, disco, jive, jazz, and R&B.