How to choose your Special Moment songs

You’ve picked the perfect band to provide the soundtrack to your wedding… But, have you thought about the songs you’ll use to highlight the big moments of your big day?

We often have brides ask us, “What special moment songs do I need to have at my Reception?”

The truth is – you don’t need to have any special moment songs if you don’t want to! Some couples do opt to keep things a little more casual, and aren’t interested in having a set ‘First Dance’ song, or a big entrance for the Bridal Party. It’s totally up to you and your partner, and what you feel comfortable with.

However, many couples do like to pick a few of their favourite songs to play during the special moments at their reception to help them create a lasting memory that is unique to them.

In years to come, every time they hear a certain song, it will instantly take them back to their first kiss as newlyweds, or the moment they entered the Reception to see all their friends and family, or even the frantic scramble for the bouquet!

To help you get started on your special moment songs, we’ve put together a list of the traditional ‘Special Moments’ below:

  • Bridal Party Entrance (usually a fun, upbeat song to set the mood for celebrating!)
  • Cake Cutting (usually a love song that pulls on all the right heart strings)
  • Bridal Waltz (couples will usually choose ‘their song’ or a song that has sentimental value to them)
  • Second Dance (something to get all your guests up dancing!)
  • Bouquet Toss (no prize for guessing what the most popular song for this is… Single Ladies by Beyonce)
  • Garter Throw (usually a song that is a bit risqué and cheeky, but always lots of fun!)
  • Farewell (some couples have more than one song for this part, but usually each song is a heartfelt and happy number that evokes lots of hugs, kisses, and ‘I love you’s!’)

And you don’t need to stick to the traditional, you can create your own special moments too! It’s your big day so you have the freedom to celebrate it your way.

While your planning your entertainment, make sure you have a chat with your partner about which Special Moment songs you might like to have at your wedding. In some cases, your band might even be able to learn one or two of your songs to play live.

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