Here at EAO Entertainment, we believe a venue without entertainment is like a pub with no beer. Live music can truly make or break a venue’s success, especially in challenging economic times such as these. People want to have an escape and feel excited, the exact emotion music and entertainment can provide.

EAO Entertainment assists venues throughout Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter with entertainment solutions. Our agents carefully plan and curate monthly programs for our venue clients, so they have peace of mind in knowing they are receiving the best, most suitable live music artists, comedians and entertainers on offer. 

There are many perks to having quality, well thought out entertainment in your venue. Here, we have outlined just a few:

1. Drawing a Crowd: Offering entertainment can attract a larger audience to your venue, as people are more likely to visit a venue that provides enjoyable and engaging experiences. A diverse range of entertainment options can appeal to different demographics, increasing the venue’s visibility and potential customer base.

2. Enhancing the Atmosphere: Entertainment helps create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere within the venue. It sets the mood, generates excitement, and adds an element of enjoyment for patrons. A lively and entertaining environment can enhance the overall experience, making people more likely to spend time and money at your venue. Entertainment plays a huge part in creating a ‘vibe’. Perhaps you want a vibrant and engaging atmosphere or maybe you want a more low-key, relaxing atmosphere. Live music sets the mood and enhances the overall experience for your patrons, making them more likely to choose to spend their time and money at your venue over another.

3. Increasing Revenue: Entertainment can act as a revenue generator for venues. A well-curated entertainment program can lead to repeat visits, increased customer loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth, all of which can boost revenue.

4. Competing in the Market: In a highly competitive entertainment industry, venues need to differentiate themselves from others. By offering compelling entertainment options, a venue can stand out from the competition and become a preferred destination for customers. This can help establish the venue’s reputation and position it as a go-to entertainment hub within its market.

5. Supporting Local Artists and Performers: Venues that showcase local talent and support emerging artists contribute to the growth and development of the arts and entertainment community, which is HUGE right now in Newcastle! By providing a platform for artists to showcase their skills, venues can foster creativity, encourage talent, and contribute to the cultural fabric of our local area.

Overall, entertainment is crucial for venues as it can enhance the overall experience.

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