Last Stand Chisel Barnes Show


Paying tribute to the songs of Dragon. Expect them all! Are You Old Enough, Still in Love, Speak no Evil, Celebration, Get that Jive, This Time, Young Years…. The list goes on and on spanning the 1970s through to their latest!


Move over Advance Australia Fair, 2 songs that are always considered as Australian National Anthems are Khe Sanh and Working Class Man. This is Chisel / Barnes.

Cold Chisel songs have made their mark in Australian history as some of the best tunes to ever come out of Australian Pub Rock. Anthems such as Flame Trees, Bow River, Choir Girl, Cheap Wine and of course Khe Sanh. The list of Chisel classics goes on and on.

Jimmy Barnes also made his own solo mark on Australian Rock with some massive songs including Driving Wheels, Lay Down Your Guns, Little Combine the songs of both, and you have a night like no other. The Best of the Best that Australia has to offer, this is the Last Stand, Chisel Barnes Show. A paramount performance, that will make you look twice to check you are not listening to the real thing.  

Show Details

Saturday 4th February 2023

at Kahibah Sports Club ( venue info ) 
63 Kenibea Ave, Kahibah NSW 2290