STEVEN PICKETT Managing Director

Steven has many years of experience in the business in just about every area including composing, performing, audio engineering, producing, booking, artist management and marketing. His passion for music, justice and excellence has been the drive behind the meteoric rise of this organisation from its humble beginnings nearly 30 years ago. EAO Entertainment and Marketing has now become the premier entertainment agency in this region. Over the years, Steven has been personally involved in the development of many artists, both on stage and in the studio. He has produced a number of singles that have received local and national airplay. He has also booked, managed and worked on several interstate tours. Over the past decade, Steven has focused on the creation of a unique marketing formula specifically for hospitality venues like hotels, licensed clubs, nightclubs and resorts. The design of the marketing strategies and media resources for radio, press, television and more has become a specialist field for Steven. The success of his clients has led him to becoming the leading licensed Venue Consultant in the Hunter. Over the last few years, Steven has been working with his team to develop Newcastle Live, the region’s leading online Entertainment & Lifestyle Guide. Despite the wide array of areas Steven has experienced, he claims that they all have 2 things in common that fuel the passion – creativity and the fulfilment of true potential. Apart from this, Steven is able to thrive on minimal amounts of sleep and is obsessed with collecting rare, vinyl Australian Music – he is even writing a book on the subject.

TERRY LANTRY Director, Senior Booking Agent & Venue Consultant

Terry’s primary role is consulting to and advising the venues EAO represents on the most appropriate entertainment to suit their budget and demographic. He also looks after a small, select group of acts from our exclusive artist roster. Terry has, over the past 20 years, developed an extensive network of contacts enabling him to secure national and international touring artists for selected venues & events in the Hunter Region. Starting out in the industry over 30 years ago as a musician (….drummer, actually – some people would have you believe there is a difference…), Terry understands the needs of performing artists. After making the transition from musician to booking agent to Director of EAO, these days the only lugging he does is his laptop. Terry monitors both EAO’s act roster and EAO’s represented venues regularly to ensure quality is always maintained and in his spare time… checks out new talent.

PAULA BEST Business Manager

Paula knows how to fix it, add it, run it, order it and keep things rolling along just the ways she likes it…her way! All teasing aside, Paula is the one who can answer just about any enquiry on just about anything. Paula is EAO’s business manager and looks after the finances for a select number of acts who are constantly amazed by her financial wizardry. A recognised singer and performer herself, Paula understands the importance of professional representation in the entertainment business.

LISA MICHELLE Booking Agent & Marketing Manager

Lisa started with EAO in the role of Functions Entertainment Coordinator in 2017 and quickly whipped that department into shape and was the driver behind EAO winning both state and national ABIA Best Entertainment Agency awards. She is now responsible for all entertainment marketing and social media as well as managing bookings across multiple venues. With a background in event management, digital and traditional marketing and sound knowledge of the local music scene, Lisa is always striving to grow and support our entertainment industry. Lisa’s pride in what she does comes from her pursuit of excellence.  Yes, we love that too.

NELLE KYNASTON Wedding & Events Entertainment Coordinator

Music is a great passion for Nelle. She is a vinyl collector and has a deep knowledge of music history.  She has had a varied career ranging from owing and running a record store through to managing high profile events with a major ticketing company. Music is her passion. It’s in her DNA. And it is matched by her desire to ensure you get to celebrate your event accompanied by precisely the right music and entertainment. Nelle is a people person and her experience, energy and enthusiasm means she will find the perfect entertainment for your event, whether it is a wedding, corporate function, birthday party or any other special occasion.

LIZ CLARKE Senior Graphic Designer

Liz has 30+ years experience in graphic design having worked in some of Newcastle’s biggest ad agencies in the 80’s and 90’s to smaller boutique organisations in recent years. She has seen graphic design transform from cut ‘n paste, bromides and darkrooms (as a 15 year old junior, she spent a lot of time in the dark!) to the introduction of the revolutionary Apple Mac in the late 80’s where she was responsible for training other artists in the new technology.  No matter how design is produced it’s in the maker, not the medium.  Creativity and communication through imagery and typography are integral to a great design but it’s Liz’s passion, talent, and attention to the smallest detail that truly makes her work sing (pardon the pun).