Whether you are planning a small corporate dinner or a large end of year event, the overall success comes down to the organisation and detail. Clients and staff link your brand to the experience, so you want it to be unforgettable (for the right reasons!). Entertainment is a huge part of the experience and whilst people will forget whether they had the chicken or the beef or what was in the arancini, they won’t forget the band who performed every request, the magician who left them baffled or the calming string quartet who welcomed them in the foyer. The only thing more important than entertainment, is choosing the RIGHT entertainment for your event. 

Who are you entertaining?

The first thing to consider are your guests – what is the age demographic? Are they a more reserved group attending a conference dinner, or staff members who are ready to celebrate a big achievement? Hiring a band who only perform 70’s hits if the room will be filled with 20-30 year olds may not have the desired outcome. There’s plenty of amazing bands out there who have varied repertoires of past and present songs to fill the dance floor. If your guests are attending a week long conference, why not lighten the mood with a comedian or roving magician? Or dazzle them with an acrobat or aerial artist? There are countless entertainment options to suit everyone! 

What is suitable for the venue?

Venues sometimes have restrictions such as noise, space and safety guidelines. For example, a fire twirler is an amazing spectacle at an outdoor event, but are they able to perform inside the restaurant you have booked? Speak to your venue about your ideas and what is possible. It’s not ideal for the band you have booked to arrive on the night, only to be crammed into a small corner. If you do have a small function space organised, a soloist could be the most suitable option. Soloists are also perfect for smaller crowds as they can connect with the audience more personally and don’t require a lot of space.

What is your budget?

When you enquire about entertainment, be upfront regarding your budget and ask for appropriate options within that price range. There’s always the option of having a duo instead of a full band, employing a magician for only the first part of the night instead of having them waiting onsite whilst you are having formalities. Be realistic and think about exactly what you want to achieve. 

Once the organising is over comes the reward of watching your guests be entertained as your plans come to fruition. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure your entertainment will impress.

Planning an event needn’t be a daunting experience. Let EAO Entertainment do the hard work for you.

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