“I can’t believe it’s 50 years since “Prussian Blue”. I had one foot in Southern Germany and another foot in Chippendale, and life was so good in the Lucky Country. Gough Whitlam was our Prime Minister and the Sydney Opera House was officially opened. I had been away for several years, but when I returned in 1973 there was an amazing embryonic contemporary music scene busting to get out of its shell and take the world by the tail. The explosion of original Australian creativity, that seemed to happen all of a sudden, was awe inspiring and kick started me into a burst of creative energy.“

Since then, I have released over 20 albums and I couldn’t possibly guess at how many gigs I’ve played, but I think I’ve played every square inch of this wide brown land.“Fast forward to 2008 when Marc Christowski first presented me at The State Theatre in Sydney. This has become an annual pilgrimage for the fans who come from all over Australia and in fact, the world to be part of Richard Clapton at The State.“

And what a great ride it’s been! So … welcome to the party that never ends!” Richard Clapton