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Preparing for The Best Day of Your Life

Preparing for the best and biggest day of your life? This series of blogs aims to help you as you navigate through wedding suppliers and deciding on the one you want to help with your big day.

We chat to some of our friends and fellow suppliers about their top 5 recommendations on what to consider and look out for when choosing a supplier in their chosen field. We also ask a little bit about them and why they chose to do what they do.

In our first blog, we spoke to Jessica from Jessica Ross Photography. You can check out that blog here.

In this edition, we speak to the ever fabulous Timothy Jackson! One of the wonderful celebrants from the team at Sassy Celebrants.

What made you want to be a celebrant?

It all happened when one of my friends got engaged and wanted to be a part of the wedding, so thinking it was as easy as the movies I said I would be the celebrant!
ONE. It’s not that easy, it’s a lot of work!
TWO. I did it! And I was her celebrant on her special day!

How long have you been a celebrant?

I have been a registered marriage celebrant for almost 5 years.

Tell us about Sassy Celebrants

Sassy Celebrants is the brain child of Kim Oakhill and Kerryn ‘Kez’ Tippett. Formed in 2016 out of need to refer clients to like-minded celebrants, Kez and Kim sought to bring together a group of celebrants that had an awesome reputation, and their own Sassy-style. What they found was Nell, Monty, Jules, Tim and Kim M.

Since then, Sassy Celebrants has also welcomed Jo, Amy and Jeremy to their unique collective. Together Sassy Celebrants has over 50 years celebrant-ing experience and has performed 1000’s of weddings. Every Sassy Celebrant has their own style, own way and own price.

What makes each celebrant Sassy is the way they respect their clients choices, perform ceremonies without judgement and make everything fun. (Unfortunately, this is not a trait of all celebrants)

What are your top 5 recommendations for people when they are choosing their
wedding celebrant?

  1. Make sure the celebrant fits your vibe.
  2. Remember they are the most important person on the wedding day (other than the couple), they make it all legal.
  3. Are they flexible? Flexibility is key.
  4. Don’t look at the price, if you love them go for them! The celebrant will make or break the wedding (trust me).
  5. Make sure it’s not a cookie cutter ceremony, they are boring! Personalised all the way! (Unless it’s just a legals only, that’s just legal words).

Do you have any tips or advice for people whose wedding has been affected by

Don’t take it to heart. If you need to move the date, DO IT! If you need to cut people due to the date being important, DO IT! Marriage is between two people (plus witnesses). That’s all that you need! Don’t stress about it. You can always get married. Suppliers are being flexible and if they aren’t, find a new one.

What’s the best way to get in contact with you?

Timberlina or Timothy Jackson
hello@timberlina.com.au | timothy@marriedbytimothy.com
timberlina.com.au | marriedbytimothy.com
0401 514 939

Blog feature image credit – Simon & Amy Creative