Steve Edmonds Band
Maryland Tavern

Steve Edmonds, with a professional career spanning over 3 decades, has established himself among the upper echelon of the Australian music community.

As a guitarist he has recorded and toured with luminaries such as Jimmy Barnes, Billy Thorpe, Renee Geyer, Human Nature, Delta Goodrem, Shannon Noll, Doug Parkinson, Matt Finish, Hippo’s, Doug Williams, Australian Idol Band and many more.

As singer, songwriter and band leader Edmonds has seen over three decades of constant sessions, touring, playing established festivals and creating residencies in an ailing live music environment on the East Coast of NSW.

The Steve Edmonds band always delivers a fantastic live set of killer music displaying Edmonds guitar, vocal and arrangement skill and experience. The current set features a wide variety of Roots/Rock/Blues music punctuated by Edmonds acclaimed Hendrix and Vaughan interpretations, original material, hit list of classic rock guitar anthems and a respectful nod to some of the greatest feel bands and songs of our generation.

The band is comprised of Sydney’s finest young musicians and Edmonds is at the top of his game. A guaranteed knockout performance is promised by the Steve Edmonds Band!


Saturday 28 July, 2018

at Maryland Tavern ( venue info
144 Maryland Drive, Maryland NSW 2287
Free entry