SOLD OUT -The Beautiful Girls
‘The Seaside Highlife: Greatest Hits’

Fans have been asking singer, songwriter and guitarist (actually multi-instrumentalist) Mat McHugh of The Beautiful Girls whether there was any chance of releasing an album on vinyl, and now, to celebrate the first 20 years of the band, he’s done better than that – he’s pulled together his favourite tracks from across all five albums, as well as the debut EP, thrown in an acoustic version of the 2018 single, ‘Beautiful World’, and released it as a vinyl double-LP!

Seaside Highlife is representative of a particular era of the band,” McHugh explains, “and a stepping-off point for the next one. That’s why we put Volume One in the title. To top it off, the artwork has photos from right across The Beautiful Girls’ career. What I really wanted to do with a ‘best of’ is… I really wanted to create a good introduction to The Beautiful Girls for people and what better than to have it on vinyl? If you’ve never heard of the band and want to hear it at its highest quality and best sound ever, this is the way.”

So, what do you do when you release an album like Seaside Highlife, Greatest Hits Volume I ? You take it to the people, large as life and twice as much fun. “We’re basically going play the album – four sides, double vinyl – all of it, in order but we’ll also rotate some songs off other records every night, which will be really nice. So we’re taking out an expanded six-piece lineup – guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, horn section. We’ve kept it back the past couple of years and done it as a three-piece but a lot of this music has a lot of detail and a lot of layers to it, from We’re Already Gone onwards – there are keyboards and horn sections – so I’m excited to put that whole arc from the beginning to the end of the record, to try and cover that in a live set.

“In putting this record together there hasn’t been a corner cut, artistically, and I’m approaching the tour in the same way. I want to really celebrate what’s been achieved and have a party before I begin the next volume. It’s gonna be like the Rolling Thunder Revue! It’s just going to be like this travelling circus through Australia in the summertime, which is completely befitting really. It’s exactly the environment for The Beautiful Girls. It’s the perfect way to spend Summer.”


Saturday 18 January, 2020 (8:00 PM)

at Queens Wharf Hotel ( venue info
150 Wharf Road, Newcastle NSW 2300